Operating principle small milling machines

A small milling machine with rear loading - here`s how it works

  1. Superior cutting technology boosts performance

    • Overload sensor at the scraper blade and proactive floating position at the side plates, left and right
    • Partial loading possible even at maximum milling depth
    • Extremely small distance of outer machine edge to milling edge

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  2. Dynamic and quick manoeuvring

    • Swift steering using the steering wheel
    • Highly precise steering via the fingertip steering feature integrated in the armrest
    • Reversing with the milling drum switched on
  3. Unmatched visibility concept

    • Unobstructed view of the side plates, left and right
    • Optimized view towards the front and of the milling edge
    • Good rear visibility
  4. Multifunctional armrest boosts efficiency

    • Ergonomically designed multifunctional armrest with colour control screen
    • Additional machine height adjustment feature included in armrest
    • Job data are recorded and displayed on the control screen

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  5. Intuitive, precise levelling with LEVEL PRO PLUS

    • Easy and intuitive operation
    • Many newly added complementary and automated features
    • Fully integrated into the machine management system
    • Milling depth measurement via displacement sensors in the hydraulic cylinders of the side plates

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  6. Time-saving pivoting mechanism

    • Exceptionally quick, automatic pivoting of the right-hand rear wheel
    • Safe and firm locking in end position
    • Heavy-duty swivel joint via large friction bearing
  7. High traction ensured by perfect weight distribution

    • Extremely low centre of gravity
    • Centrally arranged water and diesel tanks in neutral position
    • High machine stability in both three-wheel and fourwheel design
  8. Innovative, effective steering features

    • Offset front wheels
    • Particularly wide front wheels
    • Extremely large locking angle of the front wheels
    • New, automatic tracking of the right-hand rear wheel
  9. High loading capacity for maximuum performance

    • Hydraulically operated folding conveyor
    • Wide conveyor slewing angles
    • Quick-release coupling for easy mounting and removal of the discharge conveyor

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Small milling machines are equipped with wheel units and a milling drum arranged at the rear of the machine. A slewing conveyor is also arranged at the rear of the machine, accepting the asphalt material granulated by the rotating milling drum and discharging it directly onto waiting trucks. This is why small milling machines are also called rear loaders. The compact rear loaders have been designed for one-man operation. In addition, they are usually extremely manoeuvrable machines, and their right-hand rear wheel can be pivoted in front of the milling drum. Engine performance in this machine class ranges from approx. 40 kW / 55 PS to appr ox. 160 kW / 220 PS.

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