High performance loading

Flexibility guaranteed - whatever the job

WIRTGEN surface miners master material loading with superior ease. Huge amounts of mining material are loaded into transport vehicles via a conveyor system. Needless to say, however, that windrowing or discharging the material to the side for stockpiling are also part of the machine’s loading repertoire. This high degree of flexibility is owed to the height-adjustable and slewing discharge conveyor which can be adjusted precisely to any given mining parameters. Surface miners are designed as front or rear loaders, depending on the model, but powerful and steady loading is a common feature of all miner models.

Direct loading: One of the WIRTGEN surface miners‘ most important features is their ability to load the cut material directly onto trucks.

Windrowing: When deposited in windrows, the mined material is laid behind the machine.

Discharging to the side of the machine: Depositing the material laterally on a stockpile (left) permit the quality of the mined material to be influenced at an early stage.

Options of direct loading

Direct loading of a truck or a belt conveyor.

The miners’ powerful conveyor drive, continuously adjustable conveyor belt speed and wide, steep-incline belts with extra high ribs make sure that even large dump trucks are loaded to full capacity regardless of the job to be completed – and even when mining minerals of high density, such as iron ore.

The 2200 SM is a front loader, its discharge conveyor being mounted at the front of the machine.

The counterweight of the 2500 SM rear loader provides stability when discharging the material to the side of the miner.

The discharge conveyor has a slewing range of 90 degrees to the left and right, thus enabling direct loading into trucks or dumpers.

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