Operating principle texture curing

A modern texture curing machine - here`s how it works

  1. Highlights in operation

    • High level of operator comfort on the operator’s platform
    • Standardized operating concept in line with the new SP model ranges
    • Ergonomically designed controls for intuitive operation
    • State-of-the-art, clearly structured control panel
    • Separate control consoles for longitudinal texturing features, transverse texturing features, service and diagnostic features, as well as telescoping feature
    • All adjustment features offer electrohydraulic control
    • Automatic adjustment of all components for central crown applications
  2. Highlights in performance and productivity

    • Engine models complying with EC Stage 3a / US Tier 3 emission standards or the stringent EC Stage 4 / US Tier 4f emission standards
    • Fuel-efficient ECO mode and temperature-controlled fan speed (EC Stage 4 / US Tier 4f only)
    • Engine optionally fitted with diesel particulate filter (EC Stage 4 / US Tier 4f only)
    • Numerous automated features
    • Lightweight working platform of high-quality aluminium
    • Hot-water heating system for easy cleaning of the spraying system
    • Quick maintenance
    • Separate supports
    • Compact transport dimensions
    • Minimum modification requirements
  3. Highlights in concrete curing

    • Practical film unwinder
    • Mounting rail for burlap or artificial turf
    • Effective lateral broom-cleaning unit
    • Optimized transverse broom finish and spraying feature
    • Selection feature for longitudinal or transverse broom finish
    • Selection feature for longitudinal or transverse spraying
    • Diagonal broom finish and spraying feature
    • Meander spraying feature
    • Minor modification effort required to change operating mode
    • Spray heads with three spray nozzles each for reliable spraying in longitudinal direction
  4. Highlights in driving and levelling

    • High-precision traction drive featuring proportional control
    • Two different speed ranges
    • Wheel-mounted or track-mounted design
    • High precision and manoeuvrability
    • High-precision height adjustment featuring proportional control
    • Scanning via stringline or of reference surfaces via slab tracer
    • Optional scanning of the concrete surface via ultrasonic sensor when using 3D control
    • Turning on the spot at the mere push of a button

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