Operating principle inset

A modern inset slipform paver - here`s how it works

  1. Longitudinal joint tie bar inserter

    Automated insertion of longitudinal joint tie bars to prevent the slabs from drifting apart.

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  2. Self-loading feature

    Hydraulic module for self-loading of the dowel bar inserter, tie bar inserter and finishing equipment.

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  3. High-quality machine management system

    High-quality machine management system for maximum operational safety, precise machine functionality and automatic detection of configuration and operation parameters.

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  4. Oscillating beam

    Eccentrically driven oscillating beam to remove any irregularities in the concrete surface.

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  5. Concrete spreading equipment

    Spreading plough for even distribution of the freshly delivered concrete in front of the inset paving mould.

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  6. Dowel bar inserter

    Automated insertion of dowel bars to maintain the surface levels of adjacent concrete slabs.

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  7. Inset paving mould

    Inset paving mould suitable for mounting between the track units, underneath the machine.

  8. Track units

    Hydraulically driven, separately height-adjustable and steerable track units for precise driving behaviour and high-precision concrete paving.

  9. Vibrators

    Electrically driven vibrators for reliable concrete compaction.

  10. Operator's platform

    Ergonomically designed, walkthrough operator’s platform for non-tiring, productive working.

  11. Power unit

    High-powered, fuel-efficient diesel engine for concrete paving in the optimum performance and torque ranges.

  12. Telescoping machine frame

    Machine frame telescoping in longitudinal and transverse direction to allow full adjustment to site conditions.

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  13. Side tie bar inserter

    Automated insertion of side tie bars to enable the paving of adjacent concrete slabs.

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  14. Super smoother

    Super smoother for a perfectly smooth surface finish.

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In inset application, the concrete is either deposited right in front of the slipform paver or is fed in front of the machine from the side via a belt conveyor or side feeder. In the next step, the concrete is distributed evenly across the full paving width by a spreading auger or spreading plough. Homogeneous compaction of the concrete is effected by means of integrated electric or hydraulic vibrators. The inset mould forms the concrete slab to the specified thickness and width while the slipform paver advances. In addition, a dowel bar inserter can be integrated which inserts the dowel bars into the concrete as specified parallel to the paver’s direction of travel. Central tie bars or side tie bars can be inserted transverse to the concrete pavement. The surface is levelled off transverse to the paver’s direction of travel by the oscillating beam. The “grinding movement” produces a small concrete roll in front of the beam which adds to the high quality of the concrete surface. In the next step, a super smoother is used to finish the concrete slab.

Dual-layer paving with SP 1500 / SP 1500 L

In the paving process, the SP 1500 / SP 1500 L slipform paver can be used as bottom-layer paver or top-layer paver in accordance with customer specifications.


Dual-layer paving with the SP 1600

The WIRTGEN SP 1600 achieves perfection in single-layer, dual-course and dual-layer paving - three paving methods with a single machine.


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