Operating principle offset

A modern offset slipform paver - here`s how it works

  1. Future-proof 3D interface

    Certified standard interface for reliable communication with common 3D systems.

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  2. Autopilot - efficient, stringless machine control system

    Economically efficient machine control system developed by WIRTGEN for precise, stringless concrete paving.

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  3. Steering and drive system in line with field requirements

    Adaptive electronic steering and control system for precise driving behaviour and high-precision concrete paving.

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  4. Intelligent transport concept

    Compact machine dimensions to ensure ease of transport.

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  5. Charging conveyor / conveyor auger

    Either a charging conveyor or a conveyor auger are available for receiving the concrete from the concrete mixer and conveying it to the slipform.

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  6. Premium-class cross slope control

    Unmatched proprietary electronic cross slope control system for perfect paving results.

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  7. Highly flexible offset mould system

    Concrete feeding system offering various adjustment options. Flexible arrangement of the offset mould on the left or right side, close to or far to one side of the machine frame. Most diverse offset moulds for poured-inplace profiles available for a wide of applications.

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  8. Ease of operation

    Ergonomically designed operator’s platform with self-explanatory operating concept to ensure productive working.

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  9. Modular adaptability

    Variable arrangement of the paving mould and track units to ensure full machine utilization.

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  10. Receiving hopper for freshly delivered concrete

  11. High-quality machine management system

    High-quality machine management system for maximum operational safety, precise machine functionality and automatic detection of configuration and operation parameters.

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  12. Efficient diesel engine control

    Engine management in accordance with performance requirements for low diesel consumption and lowest environmental emissions.

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  13. Fully modular inset mould system

    Modular design ensures machine configuration in accordance with site conditions. Adjustable to different working widths. Special profile cross-sections can be implemented.

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In offset application, mixer trucks deliver the concrete into the receiving hopper of the slipform paver. Transport to the mould is effected via a slewable belt or auger conveyor. Depending on the paver model, the belt conveyor is available in different lengths and in folding design. The auger conveyor is also available in different designs. And whether belt or auger conveyor: all settings, such as conveying speed, angle of incline or position can be made at the mere push of a button. A separate cross-feeding auger offers numerous advantages. The mixer truck can drive right in front of the slipform paver, thus eliminating the need to close off additional traffic lanes. The cross-feeding auger is the ideal solution also whenever larger volumes of concrete are required as a material buffer, for example, when paving in narrow bends where it is not possible for the mixer truck to continue the uninterrupted delivery of concrete to the slipform paver.

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