Precisely directed heat transfer

State-of-the-art technology ensures powerful, efficient heating

The sophisticated, highly effective gas combustion process provides the Remixer 4500 with maximum heating performance: this is ensured by hydraulically driven blowers mounted on top of the heating units, which supply additional oxygen to the heating zone. High-performance infrared heaters supplied with propane gas gently heat up the existing asphalt surface. The uniform heating pattern prevents thermal damage to the binder, guaranteeing its uncompromised quality. The gas pressure – and thus the heating performance of the infrared heaters – can be precisely adjusted in the individual zones of the Remixer 4500 via the centrally positioned gas pressure regulator.

Liquid-gas twintank system with a capacity of 5,300 l, including filling level indicator, pressure gauge and temperature indicator.

A perfectly balanced mixture of heat and infrared radiation ensures high performance and uniform heating of the asphalt surface.

Blowers guarantee an effective heating output.

Complete heating circuits or individual heaters can be switched on or off separately in accordance with requirements.

Operators can adjust the amount of heat applied to the ambient temperature, material condition and working depth. The use of HM 4500 panel heating machines travelling ahead of the Remixer ensures effective and uniform heating of the asphalt surface.

Heating panels are folded out quickly and conveniently

Work can start almost immediately after arrival on site. Simply move the heating panels and receiving hopper into their working positions, and off you go. The individual heating panels on the left and right can be folded out in a few simple steps. This system enables easy and convenient heating of large surfaces. In addition, the tremendous working width creates an overlapping heating pattern that ensures a seamless bond with existing carriageway surfaces.

The individual heating panels are folded out hydraulically.

The heating panels are divided into segments that can be folded out individually for flexible adjustment of the working width.

The heating panels are moved into working positon in next to no time.

The receiving hopper is equipped with hydraulically operated, tilting side walls.

Since hot recycling usually involves the addition of virgin mix, the Remixer 4500 is equipped with a large, fold-open receiving hopper. The conveying routes to the mixer and to the area in front of the spreading auger are heated to keep the temperature of the mix sufficiently high. To avoid any interruptions in the recycling operation during unloading, trucks are pushed by rollers mounted on the receiving hopper.

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