Operating principle heating machine

A modern panel heating machine - here`s how it works

  1. All-wheel steering

    All-wheel steering system for excellent manoeuvrability.

  2. Gas pressure regulator

    Centrally arranged gas pressure regulator for effective control of the heating performance in the various heating zones.

  3. Gas tank

    Liquid-gas tank system with filling level indicator to supply energy to the infrared radiators.

  4. Heating system

    Infrared radiator elements adjustable to the specified working width for effective heating of the surface course and underlying base.

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  5. Power unit

    Fuel-efficient, powerful diesel engine for high drive power.

  6. Winches

    Two hydraulically driven winches to lower the front and rear heating panels from transport into working position.

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  7. Operator's platform

    Walk-through operator’s platform with controls arranged within easy reach for easy operation.

The resource-efficient hot recycling process is a very fast and economical method for the rehabilitation of extensively damaged asphalt surfaces. The self-propelled HM 4500 panel heating machine plays a key role in this operation. The machine travels immediately ahead of the Remixer 4500 hot recycler and effectively heats bituminous road surfaces in the first step of this innovative treatment process. And with resounding success: applying the adjustable heating power, the damaged asphalt surface is softened by gently heating it to the specified temperature. Full control of the propane combustion process ensures high heating output while keeping gas consumption low. The large, easy-to-refuel gas tank stores the equivalent of the heating energy required for a long workday, plus appropriate reserves. The use of two or more panel heating machines increases productivity at low ambient temperatures or in the presence of moist surfaces.

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