Technology: Cold milling

Efficient milling and granulating of road pavements

Cold milling machines are used for the quick, highly efficient removal of asphalt and concrete pavements. In doing so, they create an even, true-to-profile base for the construction of new surface courses of uniform layer thickness. In addition, milling individual pavement layers enables the material to be reclaimed in a selective process and separated into the different mix types.

Become acquainted with the operating principle and technical components of the cold milling technology. Get to know the different types of milling machines, and learn more about our front and rear loading systems.

Operating principle
small milling machines

A small milling machine with rear loading – here’s how it works


Operating principle
large milling machines

A large milling machine with front loading – here’s how it works


The key benefits of cold milling

Cold milling has gained acceptance worldwide, and it is unrivalled when it comes to economic efficiency and environmental sustainability. Based on our unparalleled experience and expertise in milling technology, we at WIRTGEN are continuously broadening the range of applications of our cold milling machines. As the leader in innovation, WIRTGEN can be relied on to always provide answers to challenging application requirements, frequently cooperating with customers to develop productive solutions in line with field requirements.

Versatile, efficient range of applications

Different types of milling drums – such as the ECO cutter or fine milling drum – enable a wide variety of milling operations in asphalt rehabilitation. In addition, cold milling machines can be equipped with special features making them suitable for operations in concrete or rock. Examples of use in rock operations include levelling foundations, lowering track beds or lowering tunnel floors. Other special modifications enable the machines to be used for milling the steep slopes of artificial lakes, canals or balancing reservoirs at slope angles of up to 35 degrees. Cold milling machines are frequently also used to cut slots and grooves or produce trenches in pipeline construction. In short: our machines offer a tremendous range of applications.

Cold milling machines meeting specific market requirements

Each market is unique in that it has its own, very specific needs. To cater to these needs with customized products and solutions, WIRTGEN offers a comprehensive range of products: the portfolio of cold milling machines includes a multitude of models which fully meet the various market-specific requirements. And WIRTGEN’s high level of customer-driven engineering expertise guarantees innovations in line with market demands.

WIRTGEN realizes economically viable, cutting-edge solutions catering not only to road widths, maximum transport weights or maximum emission levels permissible under applicable law but also to regional climates and infrastructure.

In Japan, for example, road lanes frequently need to be milled off flush to kerb on both sides without the cold milling machine performing any turning manoeuvres. The W 200 Hi is the ideal choice for this job as it offers two zero-clearance sides. In addition, the W 200 Hi features state-of-the-art engine technology to comply with the stringent specifications of emission standard US Tier 4f applicable in Japan.

Environmental friendly machine technology

WIRTGEN is very strongly committed to actively protecting both the environment and natural resources. Reclaimed asphalt pavement is a valuable recycling material that is fully reused in the production of asphalt mixes. Large milling machines featuring the Dual Engine Concept enable the second engine to be switched off in accordance with job requirements to save fuel and reduce exhaust emissions. Needless to say that our fuel-efficient diesel engines comply with current international exhaust emission standards. The WIDRIVE machine management system, which relieves the operator of a significant part of his workload, offers numerous automated features to ensure a fuel-efficient and low-emission milling process.

The highly effective VCS Vacuum Cutting System developed for large milling machines reduces dust emissions and improves the air quality in the surroundings of the milling drum housing. Effective soundproofing and the anti-vibration mounted engine ensure low noise and vibration levels.

Efficient removal and granulation of pavement materials.
Bernd Holl, Product Manager Cold Milling – WIRTGEN GmbH

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