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Ultimate – Cold milling machine for professional applications

  • The top performer among the cold milling machines impresses with maximum milling performance and high productivity in a broad scope of applications.
  • The VCS vacuum cutting system provides good visibility and optimum working conditions.
  • A comprehensive set of levelling equipment including multiplex and additional sensors ensures highly precise milling results.
  • The innovative FCS Light allows the use of different milling drums to increase flexibility and machine utilization.
  • A comprehensive set of comfort features including camera system, led lights and milling drum turning device allows convenient operation of the machine.

Technical Highlights

Find out about the components of WIRTGEN large milling machines

  1. Ease of operation

    • Clearly structured controls including control screen of robust design
    • Ergonomically designed multifunctional joystick
    • Canopy for increased operator comfort
    • Ideal arrangement of working lights for perfect visibility during night operations
  2. Reduced diesel consumption for increased efficiency

    • State-of-the-art engine technology for low diesel consumption
    • Automatic engine speed management
    • Clear visualization of diesel consumption on display screen
    • Fan speed governed by engine load
  3. Excellent manoeuvrability and mobility on site

    • ISC electronic traction control
    • Track speed governed by steering angle
    • Quick-steering feature for high manoeuvrability in operation
    • Steering angle sensors integrated in hydraulic cylinders
  4. Wide, fast loading conveyor for maximum loading capacity

    • Conveyor capacity matches increased milling performance
    • Continuously adjustable belt speed including automatic switching feature
    • Extremely wide conveyor slewing angles of 60° to the left and right
    • VCS Vacuum Cutting System
    • Hydraulically folding discharge conveyor
  5. Milling drum unit featuring state-of-the-art cutting technology

    • Extremely hard-wearing HT22 quick-change toolholder system
    • Right-hand side plate lift of 450 mm
    • Optional drum turning device for cutting tool replacement
    • Milling drum housing manufactured from highly wear-resistant steel
  6. Significant reduction of tool cost

    • New “Delta18” milling drum technology for low cutting tool wear
    • Injection of water into the milling drum unit is governed by milling output
    • Optimized tool arrangement on the milling drum edge rings for reduced tool wear
  7. Ease of maintenance

    • Readily accessible points of servicing
    • Extended service intervals for increased cost-efficiency
    • Simple, user-friendly machine diagnostics visualized on display screen
    • Convenient access including “Welcome” and “Go home” lights feature
  8. Milling performance increased by 25%

    • Increased engine performance with dynamic torque curve
    • Selectable milling drum speeds
    • New machine management system for maximum, efficient machine utilization
    • Automated feature initiating the milling process allows quick lowering of drum into the milling cut
  9. Maximum precision guaranteed by LEVEL PRO PLUS

    • Maximum precision in evenness and cross slope
    • Simple, intuitive handling
    • Fully integrated into the machine management system
    • Large choice of sensors
    • New hydraulic cylinders at the side plates with integrated displacement sensors
  10. FCS for a broad range of applications

    • FCS Light quick-change system for milling drums
    • Suitable for use with fine milling drum LA6x2
    • Suitable for use with ECO cutter LA25
    • Special milling drums available for special milling operations

Technical specifications

Detailed information about the W 215

Model W 215
Milling width 2,000 mm6 ′ 7 ″
Milling depth 0 mm - 330 mm0 - 13 ″
Engine power 470 kW / 639 PS470 kW / 630 HP
Emission standards EU Stage IIIa / US Tier 3, CN Stage 3EU Stage IIIa / US Tier 3, CN Stage 3
Operating weight, CE * 30,290 kg66,790 lbs
W 215 i Milling width 2,000 mm6 ′ 7 ″ Milling depth 0 mm - 330 mm0 - 13 ″ Engine power 470 kW / 639 PS470 kW / 630 HP Emission standards EU Stage IIIa / US Tier 3, CN Stage 3EU Stage IIIa / US Tier 3, CN Stage 3 Operating weight, CE * 30,290 kg66,790 lbs
  1. [*] Weight of machine with half-full water tank, half-full fuel tank, driver (75 kg) and tools.

Large milling machine W 215 (Brochure)


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