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High-performance front loader for major construction projects in restricted space conditions

  • The most powerful cold milling machine in the compact class is the ideal candidate especially for use on major construction sites in restricted space conditions such as in city centres.
  • FCS permits the use of different milling drums offering maximum working widths of up to 1.8 m for increased flexibility and machine utilization.
  • The machine’s low weight and milling drum unit mounted in the centre of the machine ensure ideal weight distribution.
  • Flexible adjustment of the extra-large slewing angles and speed of the front-loading conveyor ensures efficient material loading.
  • The state-of-the-art machine management system, LEVEL PRO PLUS levelling system and intuitive operating concept enable efficient one-man operation.

Technical Highlights

Find out about the components of WIRTGEN compact milling machines

  1. Tremendous milling performance in a wide variety of applications

    • Milling drum turning device and hydraulic pick extractor for quick pick replacement
    • Hydraulically lifting side plates with proactive floating feature causing the side plates to be raised automatically in loose ground
    • Scraper is raised automatically by means of an overload sensor
    • Extremely hard-wearing HT22 quick-change toolholder system as a standard feature
    • Complete FCS FB 1500 milling drum unit with easily exchangeable FB600, FB900, FB1200 and FB1500 milling drums
    • Alternative milling width of 1.8 m
  2. Comfort features on the operator’s platform

    • Ergonomically designed comfort operator’s seat including seat heating
    • Convenient access including “Welcome” and “Go home” lights feature
    • Wind and weather protection features on the operator’s platform
    • Additional controls for ground crew
  3. Quick manoeuvring and outstanding traction

    • ISC electronic track control system for minimized track pad wear and optimized traction
    • Travel speed of up to 7.5 km / h
    • Optimized PTS for automatic alignment of the machine parallel to the road surface
    • “Stop-and-go” feature for the truck driver
  4. Perfect visibility for precise operation

    • Adjustable canopy
    • High-quality camera system comprising up to five cameras for a direct view of important work processes
    • Optimized working light arrangement and optional LED working lights for perfect visibility during night operations
  5. High-precision, intuitive levelling with LEVEL PRO PLUS

    • Easy, intuitive operation
    • Fully integrated into the machine management system
    • Milling depth measurement via displacement sensors integrated in the hydraulic side plate cylinders
    • Hydraulic sensor scanning in front of the milling drum
  6. High efficiency for tremendous productivity

    • Tremendous engine power with high maximum torque
    • Three different milling drum speed options
    • Battery-operated hydraulic power pack with complementary features
    • Automatically controlled water spray system at the milling drum unit
    • Automated WIDRIVE features significantly reduce operator interventions
  7. Efficient multifunctional armrest

    • Ergonomically designed multifunctional armrest with colour control screen
    • Scraper position is displayed on the control screen
    • Job data are displayed on the control screen
    • User-programmable “Favourites” keys
  8. Low environmental emissions

    • Engine models complying with EU Stage 3a / US Tier 3 or the stringent EU Stage 4 / US Tier 4f emission standards
    • Alternative engine station with additional exhaust gas purification by means of a diesel particulate filter
    • Effective soundproofing and controlled fan speed for minimized noise emission levels
  9. Lightweight, manoeuvrable machine

    • Large steering angles for small turning radii
    • Highly precise steering via the fingertip steering feature integrated in the multifunctional armrest
    • Ultra-lightweight machine in this weight class with variable ballasting weight of up to 900 kg
    • Additional height adjustment in increments of 1 mm or 5 mm
  10. High loading volume and flexible loading options

    • Wide conveyor slewing angles of 60° to the left and right
    • Two conveyor slewing speeds for precise loading of the milled material
    • VCS extraction system with optimized suction channel for minimum cleaning effort
    • Hydraulic folding conveyor for quick folding during operation on site
    • Quick-release coupling for easy mounting and removal of the discharge conveyor

Technical specifications

Detailed information about the W 150 CF / W 150 CFi

Model W 150 CFW 150 CFi
Milling width 1,500 mm4 ′ 11 ″
Milling depth 0 mm - 330 mm0 - 1 ′ 1 ″
Engine power 276 kW / 375 PS276 kW / 370 HP 298 kW / 405 PS298 kW / 400 HP
Emission standards EU Stage IIIa / US EPA Tier 3EU Stage IIIa / US EPA Tier 3 EU Stage IV / US EPA Tier 4fEU Stage IV / US EPA Tier 4f
Operating weight, CE * 20,550 kg45,305 lbs 20,850 kg45,966 lbs
W 150 CF i Milling width 1,500 mm4 ′ 11 ″ Milling depth 0 mm - 330 mm0 - 1 ′ 1 ″ Engine power 276 kW / 375 PS276 kW / 370 HP Emission standards EU Stage IIIa / US EPA Tier 3EU Stage IIIa / US EPA Tier 3 Operating weight, CE * 20,550 kg45,305 lbs
W 150 CFi i Milling width 1,500 mm4 ′ 11 ″ Milling depth 0 mm - 330 mm0 - 1 ′ 1 ″ Engine power 298 kW / 405 PS298 kW / 400 HP Emission standards EU Stage IV / US EPA Tier 4fEU Stage IV / US EPA Tier 4f Operating weight, CE * 20,850 kg45,966 lbs
  1. [*] Weight of machine with half-full water tank, half-full fuel tank, driver (75 kg) and tools.

Compact milling machine W 150 CF / W 150 CFi (Brochure)

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