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High-precision, highly efficient binder discharge

  • Mounted on a carrier vehicle, the binding agent spreaders in the MC model series are ideally suited for the high-precision, computer-controlled spreading of binding agents.
  • Fully automated metering of the amount of binder to be spread independent of the travel speed of the carrier vehicle and self-cleaning metering feeders ensure uniform and precise binder discharge.
  • The spreading unit in rotary feeder design with separately controlled partial widths guarantees high precision and spreading performance.
  • A pneumatic filling device on both sides (left and right) ensures quick and efficient filling of the binder container.
  • Professional off-road and on-road operation as a mobile spreading unit.

Technical Highlights

Find out about the components of WIRTGEN binding agent spreader

  1. Reliable drive system

    • A closed on-board hydraulic system guarantees operation independent of the carrier vehicle
    • Autonomous drive by means of an optional auxiliary engine
  2. Highest spreading accuracy

    • Spreading unit in rotary feeder design
    • Self-cleaning metering feeders
    • Fully automatic metering independent of the travel speed
    • Three separately controlled partial widths
    • Universal, low-volume or high-performance spreading unit
  3. Convenient, high-precision computer control

    • Easy-to-operate control terminal
    • Convenient, continuous adjustment of the spread rate
    • “WeighTronic” electronic weighing device with automatic readjustment as an optional equipment feature
    • Intelligent speed detection allowing adjustment of the spread rate independent of the travel speed
    • Sensor-controlled chain conveyor for optimized material feed to the spreading unit
    • Integrated filling level indicator (container “full” or “empty”)
  4. Highly efficient discharge system

    • Quick filling of the container via large filling connectors
    • Pneumatic filling devices on both sides, left and right
    • Feed chute with two sensor-controlled transverse augers for optimum, efficient distribution of the binder to be spread
  5. Ergonomically optimized, flexible container design

    • Different container sizes for different spreading requirements
    • Suitable for mounting on different types of self-propelled carrier vehicles
    • Container inspection ports with safety switch
    • Free swinging relief cover above the conveyor floor to prevent material building up in the container

Technical specifications

Detailed information about the SW 16 MC

Model SW 16 MC
Container capacity 16 m³20.9 yd³
Max. working width 2,360 mm7 ′ 7 ″
Spreading quantity at 2 km/h * 1 - 60 l/m²0.02 - 1.5 l/m²
Own weight ** 4,700 kg10,362 lbs
SW 16 MC i Container capacity 16 m³20.9 yd³ Max. working width 2,360 mm7 ′ 7 ″ Spreading quantity at 2 km/h * 1 - 60 l/m²0.02 - 1.5 l/m² Own weight ** 4,700 kg10,362 lbs
  1. [*] Quantity applied depends on various parameters (e.g. binder, feeding unit and job-site conditions).
  2. [**] Basic machine without any additional equipment.

Binding agent spreader MC series (Technical specification)

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