SP 84i really in its element

$ 134 million were provided by the Florida Department of Transport for the reconstruction project of Interstate Highway I-4 in Daytona Beach. Here the new Wirtgen Slipform Paver SP 84i – one of the first of ist kind in Northern America – can fully demonstrate its advantages.

„We are reconstructing about 21 km of I-4“, said Shawn Free, president of Concrete Services LLC, based in Boynton Beach, Florida. “We are widening the interstate by adding a third driving lane. It involves both new construction and reconstruction, we are replacing the existing asphalt road with a new 30 cm thick concrete pavement.”

The existing freeway was prepped by milling. A subcontractor milled off 7,6 cm using a Wirtgen mill followed by fine-milling and profiling each lane to the correct cross-slope.

“Then we were ready to pave: first installing the outside 4,2 m lane, and lastly latching on the two remaining 3,6 m lanes simultaneously. When completed, the concrete surface is a total of 11,4 m wide,” Free explained.

“The mix consists of No. 57 stone, a 2 cm stone, and natural sand, bound with Type I cement and Class F fly ash.”

“Generally we achieve sufficient strength to drive on the pavement in three to four days,” Ishmael said. “Normally we are sawing within six to eight hours after placement, by the end of the day.” Joints are being sawed at 4,5 m intervals, and the concrete must reach 15,17 MPa in order to drive on it, he said. Ultimately, the 28-day strength will be beyond 27,58 MPa.

On completion the driving surface will be diamond-ground to ensure smoothness. “All concrete pavement laid for the state of Florida is 100 percent diamond-grind,” Free said.

Joe Ishmael is satisfied: „The Super Smoother seals up the concrete very well, and removes the blemishes like porous holes.”

Wirtgen’s slipform paver SP 84i can pave concrete slabs from 12 to 26 ft. wide in a standard thickness of 14.7 in. – thickness can be adapted to customer demands. In Daytona, the SP 84i was configured to a width of 24 ft

Content customers thanks to intelligent machine features

The SP 84i used here convinced Concrete Services because of its adaptability to various applications and high-precision paving results.

This is also due to the intelligent machine features:

  • Life Cycle Flexibility
    The fully modular system offers fitting solutions for every application. Easy change or addition of machine components needed for complex, customer-specific applications provide maximum flexibility and versatility.
  • WI-Control
    The SP 84i is equipped with WI-Control, the superior machine control system which immediately recognizes machine configuration and automatically adapts all parameters to fit properly. Additionally, WI-Control offers a standardized interface for integration into customer specific fleet management systems.
  • Smooth Slope
    The electronic cross slope control guarantees perfect paving results with short machine response times.
  • Eco-Mode
    The economical diesel engine control system automatically adjusts the engine output to performance requirements and thus both reduces diesel consumption and noise levels.
  • Easy Connect
    The new interface for 3D control systems is compatible with 3D control systems of all leading suppliers.
The SP 84i creates high quality concrete pavements. It’s a well-made machine!
Joe Ishmail, paving superintendent for Concrete Services,

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