WIRTGEN's headquarters in Windhagen

Creating Innovation

Premises totalling 380,000 m², more than 2,000 employees, and over 83 different machine models – these are the key figures of Wirtgen GmbH's brand headquarters located in Windhagen.

Here is the birthplace of Wirtgen’s high-tech road construction machines, built by production specialists in various divisions, from Pre-fabrication to Final assembly.

WIRTGEN line of products

Road milling machines, soil stabilizers, cold recyclers, hot recyclers, slipform pavers and surface miners are built at the main plant of WIRTGEN GmbH.


Some 100,000 different parts are processed in pre-fabrication each year, amounting to a use of around 500 tons of steel per week. All 11,000 variants and customized parts are manufactured in-house.

WIRTGEN GmbH owns the largest final assembly plant worldwide that is specialized on the production of cold milling machines. Covering a floor space of 26,000 m², the plant offers ample room for all assembly steps in its 7 modular bays.

In the final assembly plant for special machinery, which covers a floor space of around 25,000 m², all assembly stations in the plant’s bays can be flexibly adapted to suit the machine model in question. Cold recyclers, hot recyclers, slipform pavers and surface miners are produced in this division.

A large warehouse for fi nished products with a total fl oor space of 13,000 m² guarantees that all machines are in perfect condition for delivery. In terms of transport safety, the machines are prepared so as to arrive at the customer’s location undamaged and in their original condition.

The prestigious main building offers 13,000 m² of fl oorspace with modern offi ce facilities. The building guarantees short channels in administration, promoting a cooperative spirit and social interaction between colleagues.

Market-leading and cutting-edge products for the Road and Mineral Technologies business sectors are constructed at the WIRTGEN brand headquarters in Windhagen, Rhineland-Palatinate. With its innovative, high-performance and cost-efficient products and technologies for cold milling, soil stabilization, hot and cold recycling, concrete paving and surface mining, WIRTGEN leads the world market in road construction and repair, as well as in mining natural rock and pay minerals.