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The all-rounder for mining soft and hard rock

  • The powerful surface miner is used for the selective mining of raw materials with unconfined compressive strengths of up to 80 MPa and for routing work.
  • The 8 ft. 2 in. (2.50 m) cutting drum unit – tailored to the job – with a cutting depth of 2.6 in. (650 mm) guarantees high production rates with minimum tool wear.
  • Trucks with a load capacity of between 40 and 120 tons can be loaded using the powerful liftable and slewable rear-loading conveyor.
  • Individually height-adjustable and steerable crawler units enable optimum manoeuvrability.
  • The fully glazed operator's cabin is heatable, air-conditioned, soundproof and vibration-proof, providing a less tiring and productive machine operation.

Technical Highlights

Learn more about the highlights and benefits of the WIRTGEN surface miners

  1. Safety equipment

    Comprehensive safety package ensuring compliance with international mining regulations.

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  2. Discharger conveyor

    Discharge conveyor including raising and slewing function for direct loading onto a transport vehicle.

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  3. Drum tooling

    Extra-robust mining tools arranged in a helical pattern for high cutting performance, minimized tool wear and extended durability.

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  4. Power unit with diesel engine

    Fuel-efficient, powerful diesel engine paired with a heavy-duty mechanical belt drive for high cutting performance.

  5. Cutting drum

    Mechanically driven, wear-resistant cutting drum working in up-cutting mode for efficient operation.

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  6. Counterweight

    Movable counterweight for high machine stability and undisturbed operation along the edge of embankments.

  7. Access

    Wide, hydraulically adjustable access ladder for easy access to the machine.

  8. Kabin

    Fully glazed and sound-insulated comfort cabin including swivelling function for productive working.

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  9. Track units

    Separately steerable and height-adjustable track units for full manoeuvrability and precise cutting depth adjustment in off-road operation.

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  10. Service

    Surface miners are used as primary extraction equipment and are typically operated on a 24-hour basis. To ensure maximum machine availability, WIRTGEN offers a unique customer-specific service for large-scale projects: in close cooperation between the German main plant and the WIRTGEN GROUP’s local subsidiary, WIRTGEN sets up additional service facilities in the immediate vicinity of the customer’s site. Service centers ensure the professional repair or overhaul of surface miners while enabling a comprehensive parts inventory to be stocked at the same time.

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    Numerous WIRTGEN GROUP service experts offer “just-in-time” support on site.

Technical specifications

Detailed information about the 2500 SM

Model 2500 SM
Cutting width 2,500 mm8′ 2″
Cutting depth (Conveyor system) 0 mm - 650 mm0 - 25″
Engine power 783 kW / 1,065 PS783 kW / 1,050 HP
Emission standards USA / Canada Tier 2, outside Tier 1USA / Canada Tier 2, outside Tier 1
Operating weight CE * 111,600 kg246,036 lbs
  1. [*] Weight of machine with half-full water tank, half-full fuel tank, driver (150 lbs/75 kg) and tools.

Surface Miner 2500 SM (Brochure)

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