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Raw material extraction in small and medium-sized mining operations

  • The 220 SM / 220 SMi is the prime choice not only for use in small and medium-scale mining operations but also for routing work and infrastructure projects.
  • The compact, multipurpose surface miner extracts primary resources with an unconfined compressive strength of up to 50 MPa selectively and at a cutting depth of up to 11.8 in (300 mm).
  • The 7 ft 3 in (2.2-m) wide cutting drum unit is tailored precisely to the specific application and guarantees high productivity at low operating costs.
  • Primary resources are extracted in a single, environmentally sustainable operation without drilling and blasting, yielding material of the purest quality.
  • Windrowing enables the mined material to be deposited behind the machine in a continuous process.

Technical Highlights

Learn more about the highlights and benefits of the WIRTGEN surface miners

  1. Quick manoeuvring

    • Hydraulic all-track steering system with Ackermann steering geometry to minimize wear during turning
    • Electronic optimization of tractive power to ensure maximum traction
    • Large ground clearance for quick manoeuvring on difficult ground
    • Reversing camera and reverse assist for smooth manoeuvring
  2. Reliable operation

    • Pre-pressurized hydraulic tank
    • High filter capacity of water system for low cutting tool wear
    • Hydraulic side plate cylinders with integrated heavy-duty displacement sensors
    • Central lubrication system with three separate lubricating circuits
  3. Ease of operation and high operator comfort

    • High-precision LEVEL PRO PLUS levelling system
    • Ergonomically optimized cabin and operating concept
    • Automated lowering and raising of the cutting drum for the simple, accurate production of ramps in opencast mining
    • Automatic parallel machine height adjustment, front and rear
    • 5-V USB port and 12-V and 24-V sockets inside the cabin
  4. High-performance engine technology

    • High-powered Cummins diesel engine
    • Large diesel tank for extended uptimes
    • Controlled fan speed for low noise emission levels and reduced diesel consumption
  5. Durable components

    • Track units in heavy-duty design
    • Large-displacement engine
    • High-volume hydraulic pumps and numerous hydraulic fluid pressure filters
  6. Intelligent maintenance concept

    • Easy access to points of maintenance and servicing
    • Walk-in engine compartment
    • Plain text displays for quick troubleshooting
    • Easy cleaning of cooling system
    • Hydraulic tank can be easily removed for cleaning purposes
  7. Efficient machine management

    • Standardized data interface for different customer systems
  8. Effective safety concept

    • Sound-insulated, anti-vibration mounted ROPS / FOPS cabin
    • ROPS / FOPS-certified trainer’s seat inside the cabin
    • Quick and easy replacement of cutting tools
    • Mechanical lockout of electrical system during machine stoppages / maintenance (battery and starter isolators)
    • Manual valves allow safe manoeuvring of the machine in emergency operation
    • Simple mechanical lock to prevent sudden inadvertent lowering of the machine during maintenance procedures
  9. High-production cutting drum unit

    • Efficient cutting drum for high-quality windrowing applications
    • Cutting drum housing optimized to minimize wear during operation
    • Effective scraper blade deposits the cut material as an even surface
    • Six different cutting drum speeds minimize tool wear

Technical specification

Detailed information about the 220 SMi

Model 220 SMi
Cutting width 2,200 mm7′ 3″
Cutting depth (Windrowing) 0 mm - 300 mm0 - 11.8″
Engine power 708 kW / 963 PS708 kW / 950 HP
Emission standards EU Stage IV / US EPA Tier 4fEU Stage IV / US EPA Tier 4f
Operating weight CE ** 54,000 kg119,070 lbs
220 SMi i Cutting width 2,200 mm7′ 3″ Cutting depth (Windrowing) 0 mm - 300 mm0 - 11.8″ Engine power 708 kW / 963 PS708 kW / 950 HP Emission standards EU Stage IV / US EPA Tier 4fEU Stage IV / US EPA Tier 4f Operating weight CE ** 54,000 kg119,070 lbs
  1. [**] Weight of machine with half-full water tank, driver (150 lbs/75 kg) and on-board tools.

Surface Miner 220 SM / 220 SMi (Brochure)


Illustrations and texts are non-binding and may include customized fittings. Subject to technical changes. Performance data depend on operational conditions.

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