Wirtgen GENERATION A point-attack cutting tools: A reliable solution for cold milling

Wirtgen is a driver of innovation in cutting technology, too, boasting the broadest spectrum of milling and cutting drums in the industry. For cold milling, the range extends from standard through fine milling drums to what is called the Eco Cutter, which has fewer cutting tools on the milling drum. At bauma China, Wirtgen is showcasing its GENERATION A point-attack cutting tools, a new development tailored specifically to the requirements of the Asian market.

Cutting technology is one of the essential core competencies in the development and production of cold milling machines, given that the optimum interplay of milling drum, toolholder and point-attack cutting tool is crucial for a perfect milling result. That's why Wirtgen lays particular emphasis on the continuous refinement of all cutting technology components. A market-driven new development, the GENERATION A point-attack tools further improve the performance and efficiency of cold milling machines. In terms of day-to-day job-site operations, this further optimizes the costs of milling work while delivering ideal milling results

Optimizations prolong service life

The new design of the carbide tip ensures optimum strength in hard and abrasive materials – a strength that comes to the fore when penetrating hard asphalt layers, for instance. To achieve the maximum service life of the cutting tool, the degree of hardness of the steel body is optimized by a special heat treatment.

The pronounced centering cone on the underside of the wear plate allows the shearing forces generated during the cutting process to be reduced sharply. This means that fewer milled particles can penetrate between the toolholder and the wear plate of the tool. The result is a longer toolholder life.

The Twin-Stop clamping sleeve specially developed by Wirtgen also prolongs the life of the toolholder thanks to the optimized positioning of the stops. The Twin Stop ensures a defined, constant axial backlash of the tool in the toolholder. This greatly improves the rotational behavior of the tool, maximizing utilization of the carbide material.

"With the new GENERATION A point-attack cutting tools, companies can improve the availability of their machinery still further and complete projects a great deal more economically," concludes Benjamin Grüber, Cutting Technology Product Manager at Wirtgen.

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