W 50 H and W 55 H – The most versatile and productive small milling machines

Milling on small to medium-sized roads, repair and tie-in milling work, milling around fittings or removing asphalt strips: the range of applications of the Wirtgen W 50 H and W 55 H is wide and varied – and the 50-cm milling machine performs every one of its tasks reliably and with maximum cost efficiency.

Impressive product range for the Asian market

Developed by experienced Wirtgen engineers and assembled in the Wirtgen Group's production plant in Langfang/China, the small milling machines reflect the perfect interplay between Wirtgen's brand headquarters in Germany and the Chinese subsidiary. The result? Construction machinery that meets high quality standards. As the most versatile and productive machines of their class, they combine the high milling output of a 50-cm milling machine with the extreme maneuverability of the W 35 DC, which is particularly popular in Asia.
The W 50 H and W 55 H are also the ideal complement to the product range of Wirtgen's W 100 H and W 130 H small milling machines, the new W 215 large milling machine and the W 1900 and W 2000 models.

Powerful milling for perfect results

Equipped with an 82-KW diesel engine, the immense engine power and optimum torque ensure speedy and efficient milling, enabling the W 50 H and W 55 H to achieve milling depths of up to 180 mm at a working width of 500 mm. The newly developed milling drum with highly wear-resistant tool holder results in an extremely long service life, while additional cutters in the edge area of the milling drum deliver a clean cut edge and a perfect milling result. To optimize the range of applications of the small milling machines and enable the milled material to be loaded directly where necessary, the W 55 H is also equipped with a long loading conveyor.

The extremely robust design of the milling drum gearbox also helps to ensure reliable, effective operation in the tough environment of the job site. And Wirtgen also has an efficient solution when maintenance is required, because the excellent accessibility of all maintenance and inspection points reduces the time needed for maintenance to a minimum. That in turn means the small milling machines are ready to use again within a short space of time.

Intuitive operation for ease of work

Like all Wirtgen cold milling machines, the W 50 H and W 55 H boast the tried-and-tested operating concept that supports the machine operator in every working situation. The display, for instance, located in the direct line of sight of the operator, indicates the key machine parameters clearly and visibly. The complete lighting of the operator's stand and the controls means that even working in the dark does not pose a problem, especially as the optimally arranged spotlights ensure that the entire surroundings of the machine are brilliantly illuminated. The unobscured view of the milled edge, the right-hand side plate and toward the rear also ensures that the machine can be used safely and appropriately on the job site. A weather canopy on the W 55 H provides additional protection against the elements.

Swift driving and steering for enhanced flexibility

Speedy and maneuverable cold milling machines save time and money. Wirtgen has laid the ground for this in both 50-cm milling machines in part through optimizations in driving and steering. A large locking angle to either side allows extremely small turning radii that are a particular boon when working on confined sites. The short wheelbase also helps give the small milling machines maximum maneuverability. The standard 4-wheel version offers optimum stability, maneuverability and traction. The machine is available with an all-wheel drive as an option – for maximum traction in difficult job-site situations and when loading.
Other highlights include hydraulic height adjustment in two speeds at the rear crawler units for high productivity as well as the rear right support wheel, which can be swiveled mechanically in front of the milling drum when milling along curbs.

The high driving speed of up to 8 km/h allows a greater tempo and fast job processing. The W 50 H and W 55 H can be moved speedily between job-site locations, enabling contractors to respond flexibly to fast-changing requirements.

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