New flagship in Asia: The W 215 large milling machine from Wirtgen

At bauma China 2016 Wirtgen will be presenting the latest highlight of its large milling machine range to international trade visitors for the first time: the new W 215. The machine was developed with a keen eye on high productivity and low operating costs. As market leader, Wirtgen offers the most comprehensive range of cold milling machines in the industry, with more than 30 machine types and milling widths of up to 4.40 m. In the small, compact and large milling machine classes alike, the specialist in road rehabilitation has the right machine for every application.

Developed by experienced Wirtgen engineers and assembled in the Wirtgen Group's production plant in Langfang/China, the W 215 adds a new performance class to the Asian market. With a multitude of new and valuable features, it dovetails with the established Wirtgen features to optimize the milling process, offer high flexibility in use and make operation of the milling machine considerably easier.

Ease of operation assists the workflow

The chassis of the new W 215 is significantly narrower, giving the driver an improved view of the milled edge. LEVEL PRO PLUS, the brand-new leveling system developed by WIRTGEN, has been completely integrated into the machine’s control system, where it ensures a precise, high-quality milled result thanks to its simple intuitive operation. The preset target milling depth is accurately controlled via robust displacement sensors located in the hydraulic cylinders which are mounted on the side plates. It is indicated on the high-resolution LEVEL PRO PLUS color display. The plug-and-play interface allows additional sensors to be connected easily to the leveling system at any time.

High performance: 25 % more power for reliable milling

More power equals more output equals faster work. This equation adds up thanks to innovations that enable customers to respond optimally to the different requirements on job sites. In the W 215 they can call on an extra 25 % of milling output. Equipped with a 470 KW diesel engine, the large milling machine delivers enormous engine power yet still consumes less fuel per cubic meter of milled asphalt. Three variably selectable milling drum speeds individually ensure the maximum milling output across a wide range of applications. The high-precision steering system on the front and rear crawler tracks also make for superb maneuverability on the job site.

The milling drum assembly is bursting with technology. "Delta 18", for instance, the new milling drum technology, guarantees a high milling output while reducing cutter costs. The right-hand side plate can be raised 450 mm, and the left-hand side plate by 330 mm, making it easy to mill flush to edges even at great working depths.

FCS Light: Greater machine capacity utilization reduces operating costs

High capacity utilization is a key factor for the economic operation of large milling machines. It can be achieved particularly effectively if the cold milling machine is operated with a variety of milling drums, provided, of course, that the milling drums can be replaced quickly and easily. In the Flexible Cutter System Light, or FCS Light for short, Wirtgen offers the optimum solution: Milling drums with various tool spacings can be replaced in a short space of time. That makes it possible to perform a range of milling operations with one and the same machine. As a result, the W 215 is extremely versatile to use, covering everything from standard applications through fine milling for the creation of new, level road surfaces (ideally with the Multiplex leveling system) to the use of what are known as ECO cutters for a particularly high area performance – up more than 20% on standard milling drums – at low cost.
This increases the capacity utilization of the large milling machine, boosting its economic efficiency in the process.

Incorporating additional ingenious solutions in milling and loading, the W 215 does its job very flexibly while attaining a high level of performance. Combined with a faster conveyor speed, the extra-wide loading conveyor achieves a phenomenal output, permitting continuous RAP loading. The conveyor's extremely wide slewing angle of 60° to both the left and the right makes it possible to transfer material even on difficult job sites, such as at traffic circles or intersections.

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