Surface Miner 4200 SM

Surface miner with mechanically driven cutting drum for the selective mining of coal and iron ore as well as for cutting soft to medium-hard rock of up to 80 MPa. The surface miner is equipped with individually height-adjustable crawler tracks in two different designs and a two-stage conveyor system.

Key figures
Cutting width 4,200 mm
Milling width 2,200 mm
Cutting depth (Conveyor system) 0 - 650 / 0 - 850 mm
Engine power 1,194 kW / 1,623 PS
Emission standards A (USA/Canada) US Tier 2 B (outside USA/Canada) US Tier 0
Operating weight, CE * max. 211,300 kg **
Cutting drum drive mechanical
Number of crawler tracks 4
Travel drive hydraulic / all-track
Weight of machine with half-full water tank, half-full fuel tank, driver (75 kg) and tools.
Illustrations and texts are non-binding and may include customized fittings. Subject to technical changes. Performance data depend on operational conditions.


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