Surface Miner 4200 SM (Soft rock)

Surface miner with mechanically driven cutting drum for the selective mining of coal and iron ore as well as for cutting soft rock of up to 35 MPa. The surface miner is equipped with individually height-adjustable crawler tracks in two different designs and a two-stage conveyor system.

Tremendous mining capacity, unmatched economic efficiency and flexible adaptability to most diverse operating conditions and safety regulations count among the outstanding hallmarks of the 4200 SM.

Prime choice for mine operators and customers in large-scale opencast mining whose goal, for example, is to achieve an annual mining capacity in soft rock of up to 12 million tons with a single machine.

The primary conveyor transports the material to the discharge conveyor, which is available in two different lengths to ensure optimum loading of different truck sizes in opencast mining.

The 16-m long discharge conveyor (optional) permits powerful loading of all heavy-duty trucks in the 240-t class.


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