Surface Miner 2200 SM

Surface miner with mechanically driven cutting drum for mining coal and useful minerals with unconfined compressive strengths of up to 50 MPa. The miner can optionally be equipped for loading the mined material via a front-loading conveyor system with slewing and height-adjustable discharge conveyor or for working in windrowing mode.

Applications of the Surface Miner 2200 SM

Surface miners cut, crush and load the material in one single machine pass – meaning that one single machine completes the job of many different pieces of equipment. The mining operation thus becomes simple and economically efficient, because there is no need to co-ordinate different sub-processes.

Selective mining of coal and useful minerals

Mining bauxite

Wirtgen surface miners are eminently suitable for mining bauxite in those locations where blasting is not permitted. In a Guinean mine, 95,000 tons of bauxite and 20,000 tons of overburden were mined in a period of three months, or 900 operating hours respectively.

Mining coal

Selective mining of coal and interburden with surface miners from Wirtgen improves the coal quality, resulting in an increased calorific value and lower ash contents. Improved quality of the run-of-mine coal reduces the processing effort, meaning coal washing. Selective mining also reduces the volume of overburden to be transported to the spoil pile.

Mining gypsum

Surface miners cut, crush and load the material continuously in one single working operation, which significantly reduces equipment and labour requirements. Producing a specified gradation dispenses with several crushing stages during further processing.

Mining iron ore

Selective mining of iron ore deposits with Wirtgen surface miners enables areas with different ore contents to be mined in separate operations. The production of small-sized material considerably facilitates processing, while cutting costs at the same time.

Mining limestone

The material is crushed sufficiently during the mining operation to dispense with primary crushing. Its gradation is therefore suitable for immediate conveyor transport, reducing the costs of the entire mining process.

Mining salt

Wirtgen surface miners are the ideal candidates for mining salt for industrial purposes, which include the production of PVC, the food industry, de-icing salts, and many more. This image shows a miner operating in an Australian salt mine. The salt layer that has formed in the salt evaporation ponds is removed completely, yet gently. In addition, a level subgrade is produced, enabling the salt pond to be refilled immediately without requiring further preparation.

Cutting trechnes, surfaces and embankments with precision

Routing operations for road and track construction

Surface miners cut a route through existing rock, which then forms an ideal subgrade for the different pavement layers of the road to be built. Additional advantage: Transport vehicles can travel on the stable surface over the entire construction period without causing damage.

Cutting trenches

A somewhat different approach to earthmoving: Cutting trenches or lowering the floor of water reservoirs is yet another profitable field of application for the Wirtgen surface miners. The machines cut the cross-section of trenches or reservoir floors cleanly and with utmost precision, strictly adhering to the specified tolerances.

Production of tunnel floors

Lowering the level of tunnel floors

Precise lowering of the floor level when increasing the cross-section of tunnels is a typical application in tunnel construction. The railway traffic can continue on the second track during the entire operation.

In the construction of new tunnels, Wirtgen surface miners are used for cutting the bench while levelling the floor at the same time.

Rehabilitation of haulroads

Producing clean access roads in open-cast mining

Wirtgen surface miners give access roads to quarries a precise cross-section and clean subgrade. This reduces wear and tear on the tyres, axles and chassis of the countless trucks, dumpers and other commercial vehicles that travel on these access roads, often with heavy loads.



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