Cold milling machine W 220

The compact power package is not only ideally suited to comply with legal provisions regarding the maximum total weight of oversize transports but with its milling performance of 900 tonnes per hour also fully meets the high performance requirements of milling contractors. WIDIRVE machine managment system, which greatly improves operator comfort, electronic ISC travel drive control, PTS system (short for "parallel to surface") and a choice of three different milling drum speeds.

Applications of the large milling machine W 220

Removal at full depth

The machine's maximum milling depth of 330 mm allows the entire pavement package, consisting of surface course, binder course and base course layers, to be removed in one single pass, which saves time and ensures high productivity.

Levelling surfaces

Wheel ruts, pronounced bumps or other kinds of deformation are potential risks to traffic safety. They can be eliminated very quickly by using the cold milling machine W 220 equipped with specific fine milling drums. This method simply mills off the elevated sections of the road pavement, leaving behind an even and skid-resistant surface that can be used by traffic immediately.

Fine milling

Fine milling drums are fitted with a much larger number of cutting tools than standard milling drums, which results in a much narrower tool spacing. Fine milling produces a very fine surface texture and is carried out at maximum milling depths of just a few millimetres or centimetres.

Typical fine milling applications include:

  • Restoring the skid resistance
  • Eliminating pavement irregularities
  • Preparing surfaces for the application of new, thin pavement layers
  • Specific alterations in the cross slope of a road pavement
  • Removing coatings
  • Removing contaminated pavement layers

Replacing the surface course

Replacing the surface course at milling depths of up to 4 cm is a typical application in road rehabilitation. The cold milling machine W 220 achieves maximum productivity here, for the milling width can be adapted to any given application.



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